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Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day of School

So here's the schedule we kept today. It's subject to some tweaking as we see fit.

Well, we have one down and 179 mandatory school days left! :D I think that overall we had fun. Hopefully the children learned a bit. Our 4/ soon to be 5 YO loved her day! She couldn't wait to tell Daddy when he got home what she learned.

So, here I am at the computer, about to come up with a literature list for Dalton (10th grade) to use for US History. Hopefully that won't take long as I am ready for bed and looking forward to another day.

We began our Prairie Primer today. We read chapter 1 of Little House in the Big Woods. We talked about preserving food for health purposes, looked at an old animal trap with have, had Daddy to demonstrate it's use for us, had pork skins just like the Ingalls did on butchering day, watched a few videos on bears hibernating (facinating!), went over vocabulary words and comprhension questions of the chapter, and more that I can't remember! We also did our math and penmanship. The older two did their high school classes. Brittany has it very lightly this year so she helped with the youngers and did more chores.

I made up a chart of all the subjects to cover for the non-high schoolers. Each day I put a check mark on the subjects we touched on. This way I can see which has the least checks and what needs more work. This being the first day, I believe I am going to like this chart... may make up one for the older children. It makes for easy tracking and good record keeping.

We had meat pockets, sliced tomatoes and oriental vegetables for supper. The vegetables had a lot to be desired so the chickens can have the leftovers tomorrow. :/


Renee said...

Hi ,
Thats Great. I need to get mine written up, i have a rough draft done up so far...

Dana said...

Glad your first day went well!!!

Cheryl said...

It sounds like a great day. I do like the check mark system that you have.

What are meat pockets? Our chickens and pig will get leftover food, so in a way it isn't a total waste.

Have a great day.


YahKheena said...

We too are a HS family using PP this year. We've blogged about the first week. Our second week only had one hands on project, but the girls are loving it!! Glad I came across your blog, I'll be visiting again.

missusmechanic said...

That schedule looks look. I love new school years!

I have never seen Prairie Primer. Sounds interesting though.