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Friday, March 2, 2012

3 Month Stock Up List

I am planning a huge stock up trip for our pantry within a couple of days. This trip was to be this week but I really wanted James to share in the trip and with Aldi and Sam's closing earlier than other stores, this has put us off till later. Also with the tummy bug being here, that has delayed us as well. Anyway, so I am really thinking that going to our usual stores 4 times a year, versus 12-24 times a year will really save us some money! Well, it'd better anyway. Ha!

I had another stock up list and it was lost. ZZZZiiiiipppp GONE, just as if someone had ate it. Really, that was not even funny, especially since the new list is bigger. The original list was hand-written. It had been revised several times and with many headaches. I suppose I had memorized some of it and also I had a rough draft to go by.

I will share later how I am planning on stagnating the list to allow it to stretch throughout the three months.

Sam's Club

mozzarella cheese (6 bags, 5 pounds each)
cheddar cheese (6 bags, 5 pounds each)
sliced cheese (3 bags, 5 pounds each)
poultry gravy
beef gravy
taco seasoning
butter(2@ 4 pounds each)
sugar (75#)
bread flour(25 pounds)
plain flour (25 pounds)
pancake mix (3 Krusteaz)
pancake syrup (3, twin packs)
hamburger patties(3 cases)
Clorox wipes (big,4 pack)
animal crackers
smoked sausage (2, 3 packs)
yeast (2 pounds)

$437 (approximately)


oatmeal (9)
brown sugar (3)
SR flour (3)
powdered sugar (2)
cooking oil (4)
saltine crackers (3)
graham crackers (4)
canned tomatoes (36)
tomato paste (48)
tortillas (30)
peanut butter (12)
jelly (12)
ramen (10cases of packs, 6 cases of cups)
canned mushrooms (6)
drink mix (3 multi packs)
velveeta type cheese (3)
hot dogs (24)
chili beans (10)
mashed potatoes (9)
stuffing mix (9)
HD buns (24)
HB buns(8)
salsa (5)
applesauce (12)
canned peaches (12)
canned fruit cocktail (12)
taco shells (3)
black olives (3)
green olives (3)
parmesan cheese (3)
mustard (6)
egg noodles (9)
alfredo sauce (6)

$444 (approximately)

Dollar General

maxi pads


I am hoping that we will come under what is approximated. I rounded up on a lot of items as far as cost, especially for Aldi. So this should be around $1000 total for 3 months. I am allowing about $170 a month for sales on things such as meat, etc. and for fresh produce.

In the end, when it's all balance out, I am hoping for us to be at about $500 a month. Some of this stocking up is also for a "small" graduation gathering we'll be having the beginning of June.

Also, hopefully by the time another stock up trip comes around (in three months), our garden will be in full swing. We'll be eating a lot more fresh produce. I plan on a bumper crop this year!

So, we have an orthodontist meeting on Monday and James is off. So, I am thinking this will be THE shopping day. Oh, and the gas saved??? A whole lot! This can be rolled over into the grocery account or used for yard sale money. :D More yard sale shopping means saving on birthday and Christmas gifts....yeah, I am really liking this whole saving thing. Frugality rules.


Anonymous said...

This is very detailed...I wish you happy shopping! I am wondering however, where does all this food go? I have tried to imagine our home and I thought of a lot of different spaces but I would need a list diplayed somewhere so I could remember where I put everything up at. Maybe you're brain isn't a crazy as mine though, LOL!


Margery said...

I just finished a 5 week shopping trip, hoping to make it to a 3 week trip. With today's gas prices it will save money.

April said...

Hey! your list looks great! I see you added clorox wipes :) I looked at those real hard on thurs. Maybe next time. Happy shopping!!