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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rising Early (revisited)

Happy day to you! I hope that you're having a good one. So far mine is GREAT! It's 6:23am and all the children are in bed except for my 8 year old who decided she wanted to rise early today. Yay, her!

For many, many years I have known that getting up early is the best plan when possible. Now, if you work until 2am or something, this would not be doable. Still, for us normal people, this should be doable. I guess my thoughts were redirected to this topic a few days ago. I was watching a YouTube video on homesteading. There's this wonderful family at HappyHomesteader and the mom gets up really early. I mean REALLY in 3am or 4am. The reason for her is that she has a physical nerve disease and the early hours are the best hours for her to work. She is in so much pain later in the day that she cannot work or enjoy her day as she'd like. However, she did find that she can do so much more and feels much better in the wee hours. Just a thought here; have you ever woke up feeling achy and wondered if it were from perhaps lying in bed too long? This is just a thought to think on!

Here's some reasons I enjoy getting up early. First, it's QUIET! I suppose for a lot of people this isn't a big deal but with a large family, this can be vital to the sanity of a mother. :D This is a wonderful time to pray, read, sit and think and to think clearly. It can be hard to have fellowship with the Lord with a gazillion things going on around you. Even if you go to your room and shut your door, you're still distracted by what's going on the other side of the door. You're thinking of what you have to do next or the phone rings. When I rise early, I do not have to worry about what is next as I don't have to do anything for a few hours. WOW! Now, isn't that cool? My mind isn't pressured to rush through prayer, Bible reading, thinking, computer time....whatever! I have a good 3 hours before distractions hit.

The next reason I like getting up early is that I get so much more done. Let's say that I sleep 8 hours within each 24 hour period. You would think that 16 hours of being awake is the same no matter when you place your waking hour. This is so wrong! Just experiment with this for one week and see if you're not more productive with getting up earlier in the morning. Sleep the same amount of hours but switch your wake-up time. Oh, yes, this may mean not staying up till 1am.

Early in the morning I am able to get some chores done before the day with the family begins. Oh don't worry! You can still have other chores to pass around! There's always some to share. Still, by doing this I can prep the house more sufficiently for my day. If I want, I can tidy up the living room, switch the dishes in the dishwasher, switch the laundry around, clean out the fridge, or mop a floor or two....if I want! No pressure here! However when certain things are set in place in the day, a mood of peace and positiveness (is this a word?) is created.

Have you ever wondered if Jesus ever said, "I think I'll sleep in today." For the life of me, I just cannot imagine Him ever saying that. However, scripture does mention of Him rising early. He had things to do. He had a mission.

I will post soon on what is helpful to make getting up earlier easier, Lord willing. 


donna said...

I so agree with getting up early. Hubby and I are both early risers. I think it makes for a much better day. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Anonymous said...

"Normal" person is a boring one. Life isnt all 9-5 moms who actually work outside the home to make$$$ are just as good as you are.

busymomof10 said...

Great points! I also like to rise early and relish the quiet moments before the hub bub of the day! it is my favorite time of day!!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Good for you and the others that can do this. My husband is retired so we eat breakfast and then read our Bible and pray together before we start the day. Then sometime during the day I like to get back to a little devotion by myself. I have never been an early riser and since he is retired and we are empty nesters this works great for us. Keep on keeping on! Nancy

Vicki said...

Hi, Susan. I found you through Donna's blog MerryHeartCrafts and visit often. I wish I would have learned this a long time ago. I used to always have trouble dragging myself out of the bed. I started getting up at 7 about 8 months ago, and lately I have been getting up at 6:30 with no problem. It does make my day go so much smoother!

Have a wonderful Monday with your family.