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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Good Thursday to Ya!

We have a cloudy morning here. The cooler temps we recently received is most welcome. Hopefully this will taper down the electric bill. For those having to work in the heat, I am thankful for this too. Just so long as it's still warm then I'm happy.

Today I am going to take the cushions off the new-to-us couch and wash them. The couch is spotless but I have bad allergies, that gets worse as I get older. I think there is pet and smoke allergens on the couch so I need to try to rid them of this. I can't even sit on the couch till I do. That's my big chore of the day. I am still so very thankful for the couch though! It is amazing how clean it is. My sister has children too. The couch is very comfortable too.

It's bedroom day, so we will work on getting our rooms spic and span or....errr. speed clean for 30 minutes then stop. :D I usually get all mine done but the children's is another story. It's going to come down to me going in there one day and doing it with them. That's not really a bad thing but it's not getting done today.

Then we'll have our usual picking up, mopping, cooking and laundry. As far as mopping, I think it's just spot mopping today. Laundry includes about 3-4 loads besides the couch cushion covers. Cooking includes pepper steak and rice, fried smoked sausage and baked beans. We're just having cereal for breakfast and pb&j with popcorn for lunch.

The past two days we've been able to have leftovers for all three meals, minus some sandwiches! I think we've spent only about $6 total the past two days and food! Now, it's back to reality. I do have baked beans given to us for today and that will be the end of the leftovers.

Bethany just came in, sharing the percentages of rain expected today and tomorrow. It was a good chance to discuss how percentages work. I love learning moments! In addition to that learning, I'll sneak some in here and there including more on the US Presidents.

Okay, I must get to cracking! There's much to do and the day's only so long. My joints have a certain allowance as well. Once that's up then I am a slow one for the rest of the day.

Have a blessed day in the Lord!


donna said...

Congrats on the new couch and on saving money on food!! We have lots to get done today as well. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Susan, Glad you were able to get your couch cleaned today so that your allergys won't bother you. Good job on saving money on meals! Nancy