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Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Friday!

Here we are and it's Friday evening! For us it's movie night and the movies we watched/ are watching are The Wizard of Oz and right now some kind of Indiana Jones movie. I am not into the latter...and that's why I'm here. Haha

This week was fairly productive. We had a moderate level of school Monday through Wednesday. Thursday we had an errand day. We hit the bank, post office, library, five stores and then home sweet home. Once we were home we quickly put away the groceries and I took a nap. The children read a lot. So this does indeed count as school in my book. :D

Today we did a little math and then history. Then we went to visit my mom. I wanted to go over and visit since I had not seen her in a doctor/hospital visits to go to. Soooo, she decides to go all out and have a sandwich buffet along with dessert. She also poured all our drinks... the woman won't slow down. :D
She's stubborn. She also ate a few bites of the cake she made. She's trying to get her taste back and it's slow going. Also, it's hard for her to swallow food. She does well with drink....progress is being made though!

We came home a little before three and ....yep....I had a nap while the children read books and  had quiet time. The it was time to make a supper of chef salad. Yummy. I sauted some cut up chicken breasts in a seasoning I bough from Sam's Club. Dalton boiled some eggs and Brittany helped chop up all our fixins for the salad. It was very tasty.

And so now, here we are. Yep, this week was good but hopefully next week will be better. Have a great weekend in the Lord!


Anonymous said...

So glad you got to visit with your mom, Praise God for the progress!!! "Build-your-own-salad" is our 9 yr olds FAVORITE meal! He requests it once a week :D Today we are working on Christmas goodies to give away. I must say the Reeses peanutbutter cups are way too eay and MAN, are they yummy! Have a WONDERFUL weekend.


April said...

I can't believe you and time to take a nap after all those errands!! You are a fast worker :)
I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your mom and that she is trying to eat some.
My prayer is for every week to be better than the last!!