Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Weekend

I hope that you all had a good weekend. The weather here as been quite mild for December. However, usually our very cold weather is in January-March. Personally, I am looking forward to March 20....official first day of Spring!

Saturday was busy as ever. James worked at a friend's house to help re-roof their house. He had fun fellowship there. They finished sooner than he anticipated and so he got home about 2:30. He rested for a short while and then went to work digging in our drain field. Our septic drain field has been a nuisance again for months now. Hopefully we will have  final fix soon. When he finished that he had supper with us and worked some more on his Sunday school lesson. He teaches the adult class. What I like about Sunday school is that the Bible is taught verse by verse and nothing is skipped.

I worked on housework all day Saturday. Laundry is always in the picture as well. I prepared oyster stew for supper and that's a big hit in our household. I need to write down to have 7 cans of oysters instead of 6 and 8 egg whites instead of 6. The recipe grows with our family. It's one of those pricier meals in our household but one of those treats that's worth the splurge a few times a year or so.

I put together a meatball stew to put in the crockpot for Sunday. It takes 8-10 hours to cook so I had it going overnight then turned it off on Sunday morning. I do wish that this crockpot had a warm feature. The meal was pretty warm anyway as I turned it back on as we washed up and prepared drinks.

Sunday was like this in order: up, breakfast, Sunday School, church service, home to eat, nap, back to church for choir practice, men's meeting, evening worship, fellowship a bit, come home and eat sandwiches, bed. It was a good day.

How was your weekend?


donna said...

Your meals sound really good. My crockpot does have a warm cycle but I don't think I have ever used it. I'm glad you had a good day Sunday. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Cheryl said...

Your meatball soup sounds good. Our Pastor and Sunday School teachers go verse by verse. I do like it.

Have a wonderful afternoon and evening with your family.


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Is great to have a day of church and fellowship. Sounds like you are keeping busy! Nancy