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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I got up a little later this morning and was thankful I had packed James' lunch last night. So I didn't have to rush. The little girls got up first and then Dalton, the oldest son. Then the other two boys finally got up. All had their personal devotions and worked a little on chores.

The girls and I went to meet to pick up Brittany. Brittany had a good time babysitting. We went to drop off and orthodontist payment and then back home. Once we were home we began on school, had lunch and then had more school. We had leftover pizza for both breakfast and lunch. :D Nutritional, no? LOL By this time I was ready to lie down for a bit. Brittany fell asleep as soon as she ate and slept till about 5pm! I didn't ever go to sleep but felt rested so I hit the treadmill. I got a good workout and felt refreshed.

I went into the kitchen to do work for a while. I unloaded the dishwasher and began supper. We had turkey in gravy over homemade biscuits and kale greens. We have leftovers for tomorrow night. James requested that I make the leftover turkey in gravy into a soup. So, I'll try it!

Before James came home, he stopped by the grocery salvage store and picked up ten pounds of bacon at $1.99 a pound. I am looking forward to the bacon with leftover biscuits and scrambled eggs in the morning! He also picked up two 5lb. bags of buffalo chicken and a 5 lb. bag of meatballs.  The buffalo chicken strips are breaded and I like to bake these and have them in tortilla wraps with either ranch or blue cheese dressing, cheese and lettuce. I also like the pre-made meatballs for convienance and I cannot buy the meat for much less than what it costs to buy these. I like to use these for the stew recipe, meatball subs, in spaghetti or in brown gravy with egg noodles. 

After supper we had our history study and devotions. Then James watched Dumbo with the little girls, some watched Poccahontis and I watched a documentary on the Titanic off PBS.

Then it was time for some ZZZZZ. Morning comes early!

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Anonymous said...

I second the pre-made foods! Normally we NEVER buy these products b/c they are expensive and bad for you,& sometimes not all that tasty....but hey, when we find them for cheaper than we can make them then we go ahead. There are just somedays where we are in survival mode and having those things here is the difference between staying home for the $10.00 of going for fast food which for our crew is never below $40.00 and that's if we eat basic and share stuff. So, give yourself a pat on the back Susan. Thoses meatballs may be the saving grace of your sanity one of these days :D