Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday, Bethany's Birthday

My Bethany turns 9 today! This is the fun month when I have two children with consecutive ages. Jesse is 10 right now but will be 11 the 26th of February. That happens for two months in the summer with Dalton and Samuel.

We got up and dressed for church as always. The difference this time was that  I could not find Joy-Anna any dress socks. The last good ones we had, she turned into puppets the night before. :D This is now on my list to get this week. We headed to church for Sunday School and morning worship services. After church Bethany's friend came with us. We stopped and got Little Caesar's and then to the Dollar Tree to load up on some candy. We came home, had our pizza and candy. Bethany and her friend played  all afternoon. We watched a movie (The Heart of Christmas) and I took a quick, 20 minute nap while James watched a western. We headed back to church for evening service. There seemed to be a sweet spirit in both services.
We said goodbye, and had special prayer for a member who is in Air Force National Guard. He is going off to Afghanistan and will be gone a year. I hope we remember to call his name out every day to the Lord. Also, his wife will need prayers while he's gone. It's no fun being left and waiting. : (  It's one of those times you wish your life away and want time to  hurry up!

We came home from church and had leftover pizza and fried chicken from Saturday's meal. We were all in bed by 10pm.


April said...

Faith enjoyed her time with Bethany! She kept telling me how "cool" your house is :) In bed by 10 on a Sunday night! That is quite an accomplishment if you ask me!!! Love you! Have a great week!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Happy Birthday to Bethany! Nancy

donna said...

Happy Birthday, Bethany. God bless.