Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Thursday was a shopping day. We did school in the morning and finished by lunch. After lunch I dropped off my two oldest to help out with a funeral. While they were doing that, the other five children and myself went shopping. We stopped by one of our favorite thrift shops...not much there but the children managed to find $7 worth of toys. Then we headed to Aldi. It was a little crowded. I don't know if this was related to the rumour of bad weather or what. When we went to bag and load the groceries at the van we had a downpour of rain. Samuel and I were soaked. We picked up the oldest two by this time and headed home.
We were going to have a hot meal for supper but I decided on sandwiches and nacho chips with salsa.

Friday was a sort of field trip day. We got up and casually did a few chores, and then lunch. We then headed off to the zoo. We were to be there at 1pm but we got there at 12:20pm. We went on in and looked at the gardens while waiting for some friends to arrive. We met up with everyone and toured all of the animals. What is interesting is that the kangaroos were more active than in the summer. Perhaps they were moving around more to stay warm? The poor birds had heat lamps on and there were plastic curtains up to draw closed, I assume at night time. After the zoo we came on home. We had salmon stew for supper. It's simliar to catfish stew. I'll make it again but with just one can of salmon instead of two.

Saturday I spent tidying here and there. Most of my time was in the kitchen. James worked at cutting some more of a tree down. Now we just have a stump in the front yard. This was a "gumball" tree. It was a good shade tree but those balls were aggravating. James tilled our garden and half of the greenhouse dirt. The green house is taking shape! Maybe I can get a planting in it so we can have some fresh produce before the summer garden starts yielding. The boys cleaned out the chicken coop and put in fresh shavings. A hen laid an egg as a "thank you". :D We haven't gotten many eggs lately as I still need to put a light in there... or maybe they just wanted new shavings. ha!


April said...

Sounds like good days, except for getting rained on:) I know you are excited about your greenhouse!! Hopefully the hens will show their appreciation!!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Such a nice picture at the top of your family. Maybe I don't go often enough or on the right days but I don't usually find much in the thrift store. But then I guess I don't really need that much! lol It great for a family. I plan to go to Aldi's this week. Nancy