Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I wanted to pop in say, "hello". I have been busy with moving some things around in the house and the usual clean, school, cook, : D We will be preparing for a birthday this weekend. We don't do parties or make a huge fuss but we do have celebrate in small ways. I always try to make one of their favorite meals and birthday dessert. We rarely do a traditional birthday cake. I think Bethany wants sweet potato pie this year. So we'll have that with some ice cream. A lot of times the children want an ice cream cake or pie. I usually make James peach cobbler as that's his favorite dessert.

This year Bethany is having a friend come over for a visit. She will come home from church with us and stay the afternoon and then ride back to church. Bethany is sooo excited!

Her friend recently turned the same age Bethany is turning (9) and so they are moving up to the next Sunday School class together. That means they're leaving my class. This is bittersweet. I get teary eyed just thinking of them leaving. I remember four years ago when these girls entered our class. Time flies so fast!

School has been slower this week due to the weather. This weather has been heavenly, being in the high 70s (maybe hitting 80?). We have done some school outside but really, with the weather calling us it is hard for me to be disciplined. The weather is cooling off beginning today so we will be indoors again, hitting the books.

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April said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!