Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My New Calendars

I am so excited! You know, it's the little things in life that can make life a pleasure. :D

So, I bought two, dry-erase calendars. I plan on having one as a lunch calendar and another as a supper calendar. I plan on recording what we had on each calendar and the costs. I would have liked a breakfast calendar but, you see, I am too cheap frugal to put money into another one. As I was thinking of it, we spend   $3 per breakfast, on average. When it's more than average, I will log this onto the lunch calendar as well.

Yay! Now before you think of me as genius, refrain  from such thoughts. I got this idea from here:

Watch the rest of her videos and stand amazed. :D She is one of my frugal heroes. Enjoy!


April said...

Yay for calendars!

Anonymous said...

Linda Sheppard...that's the oe I was refering to in another post. That's what we do but not for a treat to eat out. Keeping the total low is where our stock up or moving money comes from :D


donna said...

Very good ideas. Thanks for sharing. I wondered how you kept up with how much everything cost. God bless.