Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shopping Day

So today I did a vlog on shopping and I wanted to also report in here on what I spent. I think I did VERY well. Well, I recorded a vlog but I still have to upload it. That's the reason that I don't do very many as I am slow when it comes to computers.


2 bags cereal
2 boxes cereal
6 gallons milk
1 quart yogurt
6 packs of pita pockets
2 loaves bread
10 large cans diced tomatoes

Salvage Store:

I know I'll forget something on this so I won't report it all....

some things are
2 gallons bbq sauce
5 pounds chicken
2 packs GoodNites
24 pack soda
2 six packs bottled soda
8 packs doughnuts
1 carton yogurt
2 jars salsa
4 bottles hand soap
5 or 6 packs chicken flavored noodles



Reid's (3 Day Sale)

egg noodles (6 packs)
spaghetti noodles (2packs)
rigatoni pasta (2 packs)
15 pounds baking potatoes
bunch of sweet potatoes
Lysol wipes
2 cans Liquid Gold furniture polish (my favorite!)
3 containers of crystal light
2 packs penne pasta
1 large container cottage cheese
4 pounds large shrimp
2 large packs pork chops (.99/pound)
2 large whole butt roasts (.85/pound)
11 pounds apples
2 gallons ice cream
butter spray
6 rolls Bounty paper towels
2 pounds bacon
4 four pound bags sugar
2 other items for $2.14 each and I don't recall what these are.


Total today: $197.85

Total this month so far $409.71

I am THRILLED with our purchases. I just have produce on the brain for later right now.

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