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Friday, August 23, 2013

Frugal Victories and Fails 8/23

I wanted to share my victories in fails of saving, hopefully daily but perhaps less often... we'll see. Here's what's happened today.

~ I cleaned out the fridge in hopes of getting organized for our newest money saving adventures. It's hard to use what you have when you don't know what you have.

~ In my progress of cleaning the fridge, I had to through away a whole bag of romaine lettuce......Lettuce bow our heads in shame. LOL

~ I made enough minestrone soup for today's and tomorrow's lunch. Yay, me!

~ I am slowly working on a menu where I can work in just those ingredients included in my $20 budget.

~ We're going skating tonight (no, we're not paying for it!!) and needed leggings for the girls skirts. I remembered those cute leggings I eyeballed yesterday at Family Dollar. Oh yeah, the budget.... unless I find some more between now and then, we'll make due with a set of leggings of oldest girl's going down to next oldest....with a drawstring tied very tightly. :D

~ I'll keep in mind said leggings at the store to buy later,  hopefully on clearance. :D

~ I am trying to keep these lights off in the house as much as I can. It's hard when nine people live here of which eight are mostly home all day. Our electric bill was up $60 from this time last year and that's with us using less kwh. Not cool. This means war.

~ Instead of opening a whole can of tomatoes to go into the minestrone soup, I added a bit of salsa from a jug of it we have. I enjoy using salsa in many dishes instead of opening up cans of tomatoes.

~ Yesterday I stocked up on .50 cans of cream of soups. Yay!

Okay, so that will be it for now.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for the creamed soups! I have been trying to coupon a little more after reading how so many get their groceries for free or almost free. I haven't figured it all out and to be honest, it's too time and mind consuming for me sometimes so I don't do it consistently.I will work on it :D


Susan said...

Thanks, Heather! I am the same as you with the love/ hate relationship of coupons. :)