Friday, August 23, 2013

Hello All!

I've been wanting to post on here for sooooo long! For some reason, our family computer will not allow me to post on here due to something about cookies.... I know nothing about this. I've been doing most of my internet stuff through my Kindle. While I could post on here through that device, it would take forever and a day as typing through a touch screen is not speedy for me. Then I remembered my dear daughter's computer. Normally I do not get on here as, well, it's hers. Also, it's what she uses for her photography business and it's a Mac. I don't know how to Navigate a Mac. I dislike using something of someone elses. The only other time that I was this close to her computer, I knocked over a glass of water onto the keyboard. She had to buy another keyboard. Blah!

I have soooo many things that I've been wanting to share but now I cannot think of a thing. So I suppose I will pick up from here. Right now I am in ultra-frugal mode as we are saving for vacation. Well, we thought we had vacation funds all figured out and we've had a slight hiccup with it all.  Perhaps this hiccup can be changed but as of right now, not so.

So, I came up with the plan to save our grocery money for this, all except for maybe $20 a week. We will be living off our stockpile. Good thing for stockpiles, ay? :D Besides the stockpile, there will be a lot of stretching and frugality immersed into the plan.

On a message board that I've been involved with for almost eight years, we are discussing ways to save money and stretch the budget. It has been my desire to share it here. I hope that I can do that in short posts that I can perhaps type on my Kindle until I have another alternative.

It's good to be here talking with you again and thank you for still visiting. I see many of you visiting through the sidebar program. I can sometimes tell with what city that shows up who is coming to see me. :D Thank you all for still thinking of me.

Okay, so I'd better go and say a prayer for me that I can get on here more often. I think this is the longest I've ever not blogged in the almost eight years I've been blogging.

By the way, Happy FRIDAY!

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