Friday, October 4, 2013

Sales Week

This would be categorized as a sales week. I believe next week will be the bread bakery store so I will quit buying overpriced bread. This week I stocked up on vegetables. BiLo:
bagged salad $4
sugar 2.28
gallon canola oil 6.99
loaf we bread 1.79
white bread 1.45
24 pack ice cream sandwiches 5.09
sour cream 2.59



2 bottles Tide $3.88(after coupons,etc.)

I had another trip to BiLo and hit the sales for the week.
5 boxes General mills cereal
5 poweraide drinks
5 cans tomatoes with green chiles
2 loaves bread
6 pounds rice
Sour cream
2 cinnamon rolls
2.90 lbs. grapes
$30.98 I was so happy as this was 50% savings. I like to be between 50%+ savings.

Reid's: 2 loaves bread, 3.13 pounds tomatoes, 3 cucumbers. $5.10

Bi-Lo: 5 cans diced tomatoes, 5 cans corn, 5 cans green beans, 5 cans turnip greens, 5cans tomatoes with green chiles, 3 bags potato chips, 21 cups yogurt $23.25

Food Lion: 2 packs frosting flavoring, 15 bags frozen steamfresh vegetables $11.18

I was supposed to use a store coupon for $8.75 off my order at Food Lion but I forgot. I am saving it for next week now. Also I thought we needed to buy trash bags but I dug deep and won't have to buy any. :) I would have only been .50 under but I forgot that coupon! Oh well. We have lots of veggies and yogurt so I I am happy.

Total spent this week was $98.25. So I am alotting $81.75 for next week. It's alright as I still have that coupon.


Cheryl said...

Those are good sales. I am trying to go an extra week to work with a new pay schedule for Harold. Easier to stretch with only three of us.

Have a wonderful evening. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing how you save money.


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Our freezer is full but it still seems like we spend enough money for the two of us! We are still picking berries and a asian pears left and just bought a bushel and a half of apples to do up. I am picking a few green beans and freezing them up. Do you have produce from your garden that you put up? Nancy

Susan said...

We only planted potatoes which was fine due to the rainy season. Few had good gardens this summer. I do hope to plant our winter greens and perhaps in a greenhouse this winter. Your gardening makes me happy. It always cheers my day.