Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Well, I have finished our second week of our $90 week/ $360 month food budget. I will share in another post. As of right now I need another freezer. :) I will have more room by next week. People ask how to keep the budget so low. In two words, "buy low". Really. If pancake syrup is $1 each, buy now!!! Buy as much as you would consume in 2-3 months. The same goes for anything that is not perishable within that timeframe. You will probably need a small amount of your budget for odd and ends and perishables. Usually for us this is under $20. The rest is for stocking on deals. Be flexible in your menu making. Tonight we are having philly cheesecakes sandwiches. This was never planned on my menu but saw them marked down at a low price. What a treat! Scan your sales papers and when in the store train your eye to see markdowns, discontinued items, coupon match-ups, etc. It is like a treasure hunt! Learn to make due with what you have and be inventive. We did not have egg noodles for lunch so we used corkscrew pasta with tuna casserole. It was just as good!


Beth said...

Amen!! on making do with what you have. I heard no complaints last nigt when we had kidney beans in our taco soup instead of black beans. ;)

Good series of posts on grocery budgeting. Love it!!!


April said...

Totally agree!! Cheesesteaks sound yummy!!