Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spending for Week 2 of October

Here is my spending for the second week of the month. It looks as if week one was primarily for vegetables and week two for bread. I am thinking next week will be meat or fruit??? Peanuts for boiling (James bought these) $5 Food Lion: brick of coffee 5# sugar gallon milk $3.47 steak fries $3.79 $3.97 (I used the coupon for $8.75) ;) Bread Bakery store: about 71 loaves or so plus doughnuts. I got a variety of loaves including pumpkin swirl. $68.59 Okay, I am done for the second week of the month. My total is $84.14. On my last trip this week I bought some cabbage and carrots at the produce stand $3.83. I then bought Goodnights for $7.75. To recap I spent Week 1: $98.25 Week 2: $84.14 My goal is $90 a week/ $360 a month. At this point I should be at $180 to be on track and I am at $182.39. I have two more weeks in October and am feeling good. Next week will be for a few sales and the salvage store.


Anonymous said...

you are doing so well!!!!!! Sure miss the bread store deals. I am trying to work on my menus STILL so each night is a "wait till 4:30-5:00" kinda event. Its not workin! so here's to plugging forward with you :)


April said...

You are doing great!!