Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Thursday!!!

I have more to add to my spending lists but will wait until I am on the desktop as it will be faster. Currently I am on the front porch, frying chicken and guarding a dog wanting some vittles. I like cooking outside in the warmer months, especially frying food. I have a few tips to share for anyone wanting to follow a budget and you feel as if your totals are closing in too closely. First, do you remember the days of June Cleaver or Lucy and Ethel? Well, I don't either but I have seen it on television. Okay, so do you recall on those types of shows their going next door and borrowing a cup of sugar? Fast forward to today. You hardly see this anymore as woman go, go, go and spend, spend, spend. Many have no budget as in years past. So why can't this be done today? Let's say you have a choice of not going over budget when you need that cup of sugar. Sally Sue next door has plenty of sugar to make it through the week. She does not mind sharing. She needs rice and you have 30 pounds that you bought on sale just last week! So you gain sugar and share rice. The following week you can switch back or consider it a barter. Secondly, let's say once again that you need trash bags. You only have $5 to make it through the rest of the week. You wanted to use some of that money for a gallon of milk because you did not invest into some powdered milk. What action do you take? Well, typically trash bags could take every bit of your money. It does not have to be that way. Go to a local store that has a dollar aisle. Scan and see if they have said product. I know that you can buy a box of 20-25 trash bags for $1 at Dollar General!!!! Yes, your husband may complain that they are cheap. Yes, they actually may cost more per bag than the big box. Still you can explain to your husband that you are trying to strictly follow the budget and save those hard earned dollars. Most likely he will be happy about it.Contrary to our high standards of finding the lowest price per ounce, unit or pound sometimes exceptions are called for. It does not have to be trash bags. Fill in the blank with what you need. See if you can get around going over budget as if your life depended on it. Okay, chicken is done. :D

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