Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Friday!

We have been usually busy around here with out daily chores and school. However, we did not do school today so tomorrow will be a make-up day. :D I actually look forward to it.

We have done fine in the grocery department. Something I've thought of is that it is always good to have a plan. Still, don't expect that plan to always be fulfilled. For instance, with our menus we have had many changes. We have had some meals that were hosted for us and a few that we hosted- all were not planned. Still, all were/are so much fun! It is great to have sweet fellowship. There are dry times in this but it's so nice when there's amazing fellowship with God's family.

We have been having much excitement around here. I don't know if there's liberty to speak up just yet but I do want to praise the Lord above for his wonderful goodness. God is so good and I can't praise Him enough in how His plan brings great comfort. All I will say now is that this situation is just so sweet, sweet, sweet! I can't tell you how much I have said in the past week, "oh, how sweet!" and it is all because of God's plan.

Okay, so I'd better go as we are having some of that sweet fellowship this evening with a special family. Gotta' go~!

I will update our budget goings soon.

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donna said...

An elderly lady in my church always says "Praise God for His Amazing Grace!" God bless.