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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ways I Saved Money Lately

  • ~I put some leftover steak into a stew the next day. The rest I put in the freezer for later.
  •  ~ We have kept the fire burning in the wood stove at home with the frigid temps. We did not use the stove so much last year as it was so warm. We are making up for it this year. We turn the fan on at the central heating system so that the heat from the stove is sucked up into the intake and distributed throughout the house. It makes the rooms further from the stove a little warmer. :D
  •  ~To save money on the grocery budget, I am planning on more soups- at least three times a week between lunch and supper. 
  •  ~Most likely a lot of the soup will be done in the slow cooker or on the wood stove.
  •  ~I saved some foil used this week. I always try saving the aluminum foil that I use in cooking if they are still washable. 
  •  ~James repaired our frozen well and busted pipes this week. He also replaced the pressure regulator as it was damaged in the freeze. 
  •  ~ I planted some basil, green onions and lettuce in a few pots inside. They should be sprouting up within a week or so. 
  •  ~ I made a fruit salad with our fruit from the farmer's market. It comes out to big savings this way. We like fruit salad with pancakes, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt and just by itself. 
  •  ~ I was wanting cottage cheese this past week but was not impressed with the prices I saw in several stores. So, I gave up in getting any. Lo and behold, while in the ChefStore stocking up on needs they had a cart of cottage cheese on quick sale. It is a 5 pound carton and was just over $3. We consume it quickly but even so, it would last several days passed expiration.
  •  ~Our school room desperately needs the light and ceiling fans combo replaced. I thought of this with dread and then remembered the extra light that I had up in the closet from our home addition five years ago. James said that it would work just fine. So, we are saving quite a bit in not having to buy a new ceiling fan and light kit. 
  •  I accepted a box of free food from a friend at church. It was given to her and she did not want it so she was g generous enough to offer it to us. We had tacos tonight and used the shells from the box. We will use everything in the box. 
  •  The taco meat from supper tonight was mixed with some chili beans to stretch the meat. The beans were only .25 a can.:) 
  •  I accepted an offer from my mom to pay for a few of my groceries when I took her to the doctor. Well, actually she insisted. :)
  • I cut my own hair. 
  • Brittany re-cut my hair to correct my hair cut. :D 
  • Brittany gave the fellows hair cuts.
  • I hung some wash in the house to dry versus using the dryer. 
  • I found some food items in the freezer to make meals with. They were unlabeled because I could not find our marker at the time. 
  • I bought lots of gallons milk at $1 a gallon as the date was going out in two days. I froze them for later use.


Cheryl said...

Those are great ways to save. We have already burned as much wood as last year, and the winter is not over yet.

Have a wonderful day.


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Good job. I do a couple of the things you do such as reusing aluminum foil and freezer bags! I like to do meals up ahead for the freezer. Plan to make bean soup tomorrow. I can't imagine someone not wanting free food in this day and age! Enjoy! Nancy

vicki said...

Hi, Susan! I wish I could find milk for $1 a gallon!!


Susan said...

Vicki, if you have a K-Mart close by then check it out! You may want to ask if they ever mark their milk down. Check out their other grocery mark downs as well.

donna said...

Awesome ways to save! I had no idea milk could be 1.00 a gal. Great deals. Thanks for sharing all these ideas. God bless.